Security Surveillance System Products & Services

Example of a mounted security cameras surveillance systems

Remote Control Video Monitoring

Remotely control surveillance camera angles live via web/mobile based apps with our Security Surveillance System

Trailer used for surveillance systems

Mobile Video/Radar Surveillance

Real-time topography based motion tracking with live video feed updates


Access Control Security Surveillance System

Monitor access points Real-time with zone based activity triggers

Remote Monitoring

  • Mobile Surveillance

    Remotely monitor your business/site from any location using web/mobile based apps.

  • HD Quality

    All our Security Surveillance Systems use the latest visual technologies to deliver streaming video in High Definition to clearly see any security situation.

  • Advanced Security Features

    Our surveillance cameras include motion-triggered alerts and 360 degree field-of-view so you won’t miss a thing that’s a potential security threat.

Footage from surveillance cameras from mobile phone

Online Tools

  • Radar System Cueing

    Actively tracks moving objects and sends you instant notifications when triggered.

  • Web Based Technology

    Easily monitor your surveillance cameras from a web browser anywhere in the world

  • Day and Night

    Link system to Long Range IR or Thermal Imaging surveillance cameras for day and night protection

Professionaly installed

Our Security Surveillance Systems are professionally installed by our security experts to ensure your security needs are met. 

The Possible Surveillance Applications Are Endless!

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