The Danger of Drones & Prison Security
January 15, 2016
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Security & Defense Against UAVs

Industrial-Camera-Systems-Security-and-Defense-Agasint-UAVs(4) (1)

Industrial-Camera-Solutions-UAVIn today’s world, there are many different types of threats that businesses and communities should be concerned about.

Secrets can be discovered quicker and infiltration of a business is becoming easier every day.

So why is this happening? Technology from the air is the answer. This is especially the case with UAVs, or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to be exact.

UAVs can be as basic as a small drone with a camera to even the most advanced military equipment. Sure, businesses shouldn’t be concerned about potential threats using the very expensive gear, but should still be looking out for the smaller, cheaper drones that can still provide footage of an area Industrial-Camera-Solutions-AUD-infowith potential security breaches.

Many businesses that are handling information for their customers, do not want these potential threats to happen. But how do you stop these criminals from using these devices for theft purposes? Fight back with advanced security, of course.
Security technology is becoming more advanced each day as well, with 24/7 surveillance of a site with portable cameras, to even viewing security footage on the go with any mobile device. But to combat UAVs, you need to fight with technology that stops them at first sight. This is where AUDS come into play.
AUDS, or Anti UAV Defense Systems, are designed to disrupt and neutralize any UAV threat by using the combination of radar detection, EO tracking and RF disrupt/inhibit capabilities.

With the radar scanning a surrounding area 24/7, the EO tracking uses special cameras to follow radar signals and track a potential threat. Once a UAV has breached the area, the EO then uses radio frequencies to disrupt the UAV’s signals – resulting in a shutdown of the system of the security threat.

This advanced system is relatively new to the security market, and we at Industrial Camera Systems are one of the few security companies to distribute these advanced systems. We will handle all the installation work for businesses and will provide training to man these advanced security technologies.

With UAVs becoming making more havoc in today’s society, businesses wanting to protect information should be prepared.

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