About Us

Your Security is Our Priority

Industrial Camera Systems came into being as an idea to help other businesses with their security measures. More specifically, businesses that are mobile and on-the-go working on construction sites, mobile operations and more.

ICS uses special mobile cameras and leveraging technologies to take security to the next level – offering applications for laptops, phones, and tablets for 24/7 monitoring no matter what the location or environment is like.


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Local Business Means Top Service

Being a local business started and grown in Utah, we at Industrial Camera Systems are dedicated to helping any local business in the state needing on-site security protection. It also comes along with the fact that we guarantee the best service possible.

Whether it be 24/7 customer support, set-up, training and more. We will make sure the security of your business or construction site is top standard – so nothing will happen that could potentially be a threat.