Industrial Camera Systems

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Industrial Camera Systems is an innovative company with an outside of the box approach to site protection systems. We are passionate about protecting your critical infrastructure, providing asset monitoring, and custom tailoring solutions that fit your specific needs.

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Industrial Camera Systems

Welcome To a New Age In Security Technology

Leveraging emerging technologies, and the latest technical developments. Your security operations can now actively secure hundreds of acres of property from a single terminal, or even a smartphone.

Utilizing the latest in cellular and wireless technologies, we empower companies with the ability to secure local and remotely located assets such as Chemical Plants, Airports, Oil fields, Electrical Substations, Solar/Wind Power Plants, and other critical assets, no matter where they are located.

Take The Next Step
To Peace of Mind.

There are many benefits to owning a threat & intrusion
alert video monitoring system:

  • Self Monitoring - No Monthly Fee
  • Realtime Alerts - Know the Threat
  • Reduce Insurance Costs
  • Increase Facility Safety
  • Increase Productivity

Don't wait for a security breach to protect your facility.

  • Radar System Cues, and actively tracks moving objects
  • Easily Monitor facility from a web browser anywhere in the world
  • Link System to Long Range IR or Thermal imaging cameras for day and night protection